Vinyl Flooring

Resilient and Luxury Vinyl Flooring has recently become the interior designer’s answer for homeowners who are on a budget. This versatile product comes in hundred of different colors and patterns to suit any decor. My Floors and More has vinyl flooring from the top manufacturers at lower prices than other flooring dealers in Pompano Beach.

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Why Vinyl Flooring Can Work For You

We have low rates on follow-up services, and great customer service. Each flooring expert you speak to has many years of experience in the flooring industry. Your home or office is an important investment. We strive to provide the top quality products and expert services to make your household look great for years. Improving your home or office without spending too much doesn’t need to be difficult. All you need is the right combination of great vinyl flooring and experienced workers.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring
  • Have more design options: luxury vinyl is easy to customize because of the way it is created. Luxury vinyl flooring is produced in a number of designs. Many can even imitate the looks of more expensive floor coverings, including marble and hardwood. It is easy to get the look that you want without going over budget or compromising the design that you love.
  • Spend less time cleaning: one of the biggest selling point of this floor covering is its low maintenance care routine. You will never have to worry about shampooing or refinishing this floor. Luxury vinyl can be cleaned with a dust mop or broom. Sticky messes can be cleaned up with a lightly dampened towel.
  • Save more money: luxury vinyl flooring costs less than many other floor coverings. It is a long-lasting product, so it won’t need to be replaced often. Luxury vinyl is cheap to keep clean and fast to install. There is no need to have professional services for cleaning. Less installation work means lower rates. We have the lowest prices on this affordable material so that you get the best deal.

Curious to know more about resilient or luxury vinyl flooring? Contact the experts at My Floors and More in Pompano Beach to see how this product can improve your home.

There are many homeowners who have seen vinyl and did not realize it. New manufacturing techniques have allowed the types and styles of vinyl to grow. The products available now are far beyond the old white and black checkered patterns of the past. Interior designers have begun taking notice of the many ways that vinyl can be used to improve the interior of a home. This floor covering has become the go-to solution for homeowners looking to design their homes on a tight budget. But what else does vinyl have to offer for your household? Here are some of the reasons that we suggest choosing vinyl for your home floors:

Also consider that
  • Resilient flooring is extremely durable: the surface is soft enough to absorb impacts from heavy foot traffic, furniture, and dropped objects. Dents simply “pop” back outwards without leaving any marks. Resilient vinyl flooring is hard to scratch or stain. It can resist moisture well compared to other floor coverings. It will not ignite when exposed to fire, and it won’t swell or break in freezing temperatures. This makes it easy to use vinyl flooring in all parts of the home without worrying about damage.
  • It is comfortable: vinyl has a softer feeling underfoot than other hard surface floor types. It has a slight give, so each step is absorbed. It will simply bounce back whatever is thrown against it. This can be a good solution for homes of the elderly, or homes with children. It can be easier on sore backs and tired feet. Vinyl is also warmer than ceramic or natural stone, making it easier to walk barefoot in the winter months.
  • Vinyl is easy to care for: maintenance doesn’t need to be complicated. Vinyl Flooring requires very little work to stay clean and strong. It doesn’t need waxing or shampooing. It does not hold foul odors and does not stain, making it suitable for homes with children or pets. A broom and lightly dampened cloth can take care of most messes around the house. Rough dirt and grit should be kept off of the surface to prevent future scratches in the wear layer. A doormat is suitable for keeping the floor near the entrances to the home clean.