Trim Molding

Trim molding is a decorative border that is created with various materials to cover transitions between surfaces
or to add a stylish flair. Many moldings are made from solid wood, but they can also be made with plaster, plastic, or reclaimed wood.

Here are some factors to consider when thinking about Trim Molding

More About Trim Moldings?

Trim moldings are easy additions to any room that can make your decor more exciting. These beautiful accents can make your interior look more luxurious without a big ticket price. My Floors and More carries both custom and pre-made trim moldings at affordable prices. Once you purchase the products you love, you can have them delivered anywhere in South Florida. Installation services are also offered at low prices. You will be impressed with the skill of our insured and licensed installers. Not sure which trim moldings will work best with your home interior? Design advisers are here to provide expert opinions on colors, styles, and more. All products are tested for durability and quality. Installation is provided with a guarantee on all work completed in your home. We make it easy to get affordable home improvement work finished at a price you can afford!

What are some types of trim molding?

Trim molding is a catch-all term for any type of border, but there are a few popular styles you may want to consider. Each has a different look. Some have special applications or work better for different projects. Here are a few of the common types of trim molding:

  • ​​Cove Moldings: also called ‘coving,’ this product is a concave molding that can be used at the spots where walls and ceilings meet. Can be used almost anywhere where right angles meet together.
  • Quarter Rounds​​: ¼ of a full circle rod that is cut and placed flat into the corner of a doorway or wall. Can be used to conceal ugly edges on baseboards or to make flooring work look neater. The most common size is ¾ inch thick, although sizes may vary.
  • ​​Corner Blocks: Square blocks that are added at the corners of doorways. They can be simple or ornate depending on what style you prefer.
  • ​​Astragal Moldings: interior molding used to prevent double doors from swinging open at the same time. This product provides a tight fit between the doors. Notches are added that fit the thickness of the swinging door (called rabbetting). Rabbets are rectangular cuts that allow molding to fit together at the edges without seams or bumps.
  • Wall Base​​: a product that is applied above finished floors to hide the seam between flooring and the walls. It is added around the entire perimeter of a room for a finished look. It is also referred to as baseboard, mopboard, and skirting.

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