Laminate Flooring

There are few flooring options that can compare to laminate flooring. With a variety of applications and styles,
as well as a price you’ll love, many homeowners are beginning to consider this old staple as a viable option for their modern homes.

Looking to revamp your home or office interior within your budget?

Laminate Flooring – Style, Affordability, and Durability

Consider My Floors and More in Pompano Beach! You’ll find an incredible collection of laminate flooring in a wide spectrum of colors, styles, and textures, all at low prices. You can also find a list of services such as installation and design advice. Have any questions or concerns? Get the answers to any inquiries from our professional customer support team. You’ll find that home improvement isn’t as complicated or expensive as you once thought with ​the right business and high quality long-lasting laminate flooring.

How Laminate is Made

Long-lasting laminate flooring is comprised of four layers that are sealed together by heat to form durable, interlocking planks. These four layers are the balancing layer, the core layer, the pattern layer and the wear layer. The balancing layer serves to stabilize the material so that it can handle the weight of foot traffic and furnishings and goes on the bottom. It is also a layer of moisture protection. The core layer, which is closer to the center, is density fiberboard that has been soaked in resin. This allows for the laminate flooring to be durable as well as offer increased moisture protection. The pattern layer, as you might guess, contains the design that will show up. Some of the more popular choices are imitations of wood grain or stone. The wear layer is the last one, resting on top and sealing in the other layers with a clear melamine resin. Apply pressure and heat, and you end up with one of the most resistant flooring materials!

The Benefits of Laminate

Unlike many other more expensive materials, laminate has the benefits of being durable, easy to maintain and even easier to afford. This alternative has become one of the most highly recommended choices to residents who want to save money on their renovations. Many homeowners are surprised to find that this incredibly cost-effective flooring can be used in high fashion spaces just like any other option. Here are some of the surprising benefits that laminate has to offer to you and your home:

  • Simplicity: homeowners of today know how valuable free time is. When you’ve had a long day at work or just haven’t had the time to clean, the last thing you want to worry about is your flooring. Laminate requires little maintenance aside from routine mopping and sweeping to stay beautiful. There is no need for refinishing or constant sealing and professional cleanings to keep it looking its best. You can save just as much time as you can save money with this option!
  • Affordability: on average, laminate is one of the lowest priced flooring materials on the market. It can last for decades with proper maintenance, offering a great long-term solution for homeowners on a budget. You can make a sure investment and still save money!
  • Versatility: laminate isn’t just affordable, it is also easily adaptable to almost any space in your home. Because it is highly resistant to both heat and moisture, it can be placed in kitchens and bathrooms with proper maintenance. You won’t have to worry about warps or dents even in rooms with high traffic expected– just keep it free of abrasive debris and enjoy years of tough, gorgeous flooring.
  • Beauty: have you fallen in love with a stone or hardwood floor, only to find that your budget just couldn’t allow it? With modern manufacturing processes, laminate can be made to imitate the texture and colors of more expensive materials. You’ll find that you can have the beauty you want with the added safety of long-lasting quality and heightened durability.

If you seek quality without difficulty, there is no better option than durable laminate flooring. You will be impressed with how simple it is to find a style that suits your tastes and how fast installation is. See how simple it is to find your ideal match in our large collection of high quality, long-lasting laminate flooring at My Floors and More. Don’t wait to have the space of your dreams any longer; make it a reality! Finding professional solutions for your home or office improvement has never been easier in Pompano Beach than with help from the laminate flooring experts at My Floors and More.